Wednesday, March 02, 2011
3:07:00 am
hahaha...i officially issue you a warning letter.
you better watch out! hahaha

okay life has been tough till now. no doubt. but what beats having a good future than a future you constantly worry and feel embarrassed looking at your transcripts?

yes...so work hard now :)

its been sometime since i've updated my life here.
though its pretty boring...
since the things i've done practically all the time was:
school, work, sailing...occasional social life (if you happen to booked my schedule at least a month earlier and not change date! haha.) :)


so firstly i've been becoming more of a spendthrift instead of my initial mindset on saving money. :( not that i've too much time on my hands to walk around singapore shopping malls in the day. i actually choose the opposite...shopping in the middle of the night...like 3am :) the advancement of technology allows me to shop online be it sg or overseas. lovely!

secondly...hohoho. do not say i'm a clubber or a heavy drinker. I'M NOT! but i do enjoy occasional drinks and music at pubs and clubs. the last time i went was mid-january? miss it very much. shall visit soon.

thirdly, many life changing stories and happenings around my surroundings, hence the re-priorities of my priorities list. everyone grew up and get comfortable with their surroundings, and thus drift apart from each other. therefore many things is left unsaid and later felt that it wasn't necessary. it isn't true that we're no longer close as before, just because of the things we kept from each other. but we just began setting boundaries for our own heart felt notes. there are definitely certain things that everyone wouldn't like to share. but at the end of the day, we know deep in our hearts that even without knowing others unsaid stories, we still love them and treasure them like how we had before. nothing changes.

fourthly, i really need to adjust my body clock! i've been sleeping in the wee hours of the morning and waking up under the hot sun of the afternoon. hence i've been skipping classes like i own it. haha. wouldn't it be great if SP belongs to me? haha.
the other day my classmate was saying if SP was hers...she would have all the courses certs...like this she'll be able to work anywhere and any profession. but i replied you're still brainless even with the certs, instead she retorted you owned the school what...then hire the smartest and brainiest (in this case..meaning those in the director honour list) to do for you lo... -.- then i told her...wahh lucky you don't own SP...PHEW!

yes...talking about school..
its getting frustrating, irritably stressful, depressing and suffocating...
cause its the exam week.

the first 2 papers, is nothing but a huge pain in the neck! but nevertheless, i studied for it and i kind of screwed both paper. cause both papers is like one after another..its not like as if there is at least 1 day interval..emec was on wed and sstab the next. mek ended day before yest. and this coming thursday would be electronics. rahh...the diagrams...just "so lovely" to draw and to remember.

but well if my results later isn't good. i've got no one to blame but me. i just thought i haven't worked hard enough. though i strongly believe i've work harder than previous semestral exams. :( but well at least i studied enough to fill 1/3 of my brain with the info's. :)

guess i should stop here and continue later. its 3.50am. gee.

Sunday, February 27, 2011
4:25:00 am
i need to grow up, be more matured.
think for myself..instead of being paranoid by what others said.

due to others influence, people began to have second thoughts of what which is actually simple but it became complicated.

hence when you think back, you start questioning yourself...
why did you even think of that?
you know it isn't true...is it?
why did you say that?
what influence your decision and mindset?

all in all..regrets is what i have to say.
i should have cared lesser as to what others thought, and be less paranoid about certain things.

My Favorite Things - Julie Andrews
Thursday, February 03, 2011
10:13:00 pm

i love you very much twitter.
Wednesday, January 12, 2011
12:14:00 am
i'm going to take back my words. i can't give up twitter.
its like part of my life now.
doubly shiitttttttttt!


you being juvenile and your plain assumptions kills.
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
2:00:00 am
i no longer understood the existence of twitter.
you tweet your unhappiness, sorrow, gratefulness and shared with everyone any great piece of news.
however sometimes people tend to overlook and misunderstand the meanings of your tweet. then self-proclaiming that its referring to them.

for goodness sake...

I'm not gonna tweet anymore.
enough is enough.
no one should ever know about my feelings at any point of time anymore.
I'll never reveal anything about how i feel or whatever i thought randomly and or vent my frustrations on twitter again.

this is just too much.

Thursday, January 06, 2011
12:17:00 am
i'm so lost...
what should i do?
i'm not happy, neither am i depressed nor sad.
i'm feeling nothing.
i don't know which direction i should be heading.

school began on 3jan, mon.
well, the usual excitement students usually feels for it, is now numb in me. why is it so?
i'm not looking forward to it. but rather stress at how everything has unfolded.
everything is just so screwed...
somehow everything is so behind time.
distractions always comes in such times when you're suppose to have full attention for something else. please i beg you...go away. :)
hate it.

sometimes i just felt like crying. but tears just won't stream down.
how would anyone understand the sadness and pressure one is feeling? no one...

Tangled - Wanted : Maximus [HD]
Sunday, December 19, 2010
3:54:00 am
ain't maximus cute and handsome?
even better than flynn rider!
i even adopt his name. :3 ;)

i am..
somehow ppl does not feel my presence or deem that i exist. am i that invisble or useless?
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